Famous People with Anthropology Degrees

Last night, I read a post by Yoshi, a dear family friend.  In this post, he commits the egregious error of asking if Giada De Laurentiis could "could tone down on the cleavage."  After admonishing him in a chat window and explaining that her cleavage is replenishing the ozone layer, I looked her up on Wikipedia.  As it turns out, she has a degree in social anthropology from UCLA, making her even more desirable.  This also got me thinking about who else out there has degrees in anthropology.

There's a few that I already knew about.  For instance, I knew that Kurt Vonnegut (my personal god) had an MA in anthropology from the University of Chicago and I knew that Jeff Corwin graduated with a BS in anthropology from Bridgewater State.  But if the Food Network pin-up has an anthropology degree, who else has/had one?

After an exhaustive Google search in excess of three minutes, I found this list. I had only heard of five of the fifteen people populating this list. However, I was shocked to see Billy Graham there.  Exactly how does one study anthropology and then go on to be one of the most prolific evangelical ministers in the world?  I had always been raised to see missionaries as our enemies - a continuation of the European colonialist agenda.  I feel like I did when I learned that Yamamoto Isoroku studied at Harvard.  I can only rationalize this by thinking that Graham didn't pay much attention in class.  At least Gary Snyder's presence on the list softens the blow somewhat.

The fabulous Hugh Laurie has a degree in archaeology and social anthropology.  Thandie Newton, an actress I'm not sure why I recognize, studied social anthropology at Downing College.  Ashley Judd supposedly minored in anthropology, which wouldn't normally be enough for me to include her.  However,  a former colleague once told me of a celebrity gossip rumor that Ms. Judd would pass out something called "mute stones" to certain people on set.  Apparently, if you were the recipient of one of these stones, Ashley was revoking your privilege to speak to her.  Well, Ashley, if ever you decided to hand me one of your little stones, it would promptly be set on a high-velocity collision course with the back of your head.  I'm just sayin'.


Yoshi said...

Well, if I'm watching a cooking show, I don't need her cleavage distracting me from her cooking techniques. that's all.lol

as for ashley judd, give her a chance. it's a polite way of saying STFU. :D

Danalyn said...

I got a shitload of stones for you.

Anonymous said...

Jennifer Nettles from Sugarland has a anthro degree

Avery said...

Hey, Kyle! Your blog is AWESOME! I used this post in my own blog post. Just wanted to give you credit for your own research. (Which maybe was like mine? Google? haha)

Brian Howell said...
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sam x said...

Ted Hughes.